Fitness Foodie Meal Prep

Chef Coria Presents” Fitness Foodie Meal Prep”

Tired of eating the same things over and over again, 1/2 sweet potato here brown rice there 5 oz of a flavor less protein here.. Well now those days are over!  Finally a healthy meal prep service that is convenient, delicious, portion controlled and FULL OF BOLD FLAVORS!!!


Chef Coria presents to you “Fitness Foodie Meal Prep” created for the health conscious food lovers who refuse to compromise flavor!
Struggling with my weight for years I decided to make a lifestyle change.  I realized that food can still be delicious, but it must keep it’s nutritional value.  I consulted with Nutrition Experts & Personal trainers.  After recently losing 53 pounds, I realized there was a need for a meal prep service that provided low sodium, high protein, high fiber, and bold flavors.  So I decided to help others that were helping themselves through my “Fitness Foodie Meal Prep.”


This service consist of 18 weekly meals either delivered or picked up.  Each meal will consist of a lean protein, complex carb & high fiber vegetables.  So jump aboard the fitness wagon & let Chef Coria provide the nutrition and convenience you need.
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