About Coria

2014020895194301-2Coria Griggs wasn’t always on track to becoming a chef.  She spent years working in Corporate America after receiving a degree in Mass Communications minor in Public Relations at Lindenwood University. It wasn’t until she had a year left in her Master’s Program where she realized her love for cooking and food outweighed everything she did on a daily basis, and it truly was where she was the happiest.

 Growing up in a small rural town in Louisiana, Chef Coria also known as “Chef CC” spent a lot of time with her grandparents gardening, and harvesting not knowing that these things were grooming her for her destiny.  “I remember playing in the backyard and walking to the garden with my grandparents spending summers shucking corn, going to the farmer’s market selling pecans, canning and pickling,  picking berries, sweet potatoes, plums, and peeling purple hull peas until my hands were blue. I will forever cherish those memories and will forever be grateful to my grandparents.”

Chef Coria States,  “Although they had no clue and stressed education, my parents influenced my career path a great deal . I had a mother that loved being on the water fishing even when I was in the womb.  I remember her taking me down on the river to this fisherman that lived on a house boat and sold fish by day.  We were there so much, he gave me my first fisherman rain coat and let me run all over his boat, while he and my mother conducted business. I recall laying on the floor of the deck playing with fish scales while the sunlight reflected off of them thinking they were magical.  My father learned how to cook from his mother, she died when he was a teenager and he was left to raise his siblings alone.  He was determined to make sure I knew how to cook. He taught me how to make my first pan of cornbread, and during that time, it was like pulling teeth.  I just wasn’t interested in learning how to cook, but later on in life the magic begin, and I developed a pure passion for being in the kitchen.  Let’s just say that pan of cornbread was my gateway drug, I was hooked.”

A late bloomer in the culinary industry Chef CC hit the ground running enrolling in Culinary school in 2010 at Le Cordon Bleu St. Louis, she knew she had to stay ahead of everyone in her class and learn as much as quickly as she could.  She did just that. Along with being in culinary school she was on the competition team as well as other student activities including “Competition Champion President’s Cup Winner.” Graduating with Highest Honors, and acclimates and awards she took an Externship at Walt Disney’s high end resort The Grand Floridian.

After leaving the Grand Floridian, she found herself working for James Beard nominated “2009 Food and Wine best New Chef” Chef Kelly English at his signature steakhouse, where she worked many positions.  After the closing of Kelly English Steakhouse she found herself working along side award winning Chef Bill Cardwell briefly taking on the role of his Pastry Chef at BC’s Kitchen.  While working for Chef Kelly & Chef Cardwell she gained invaluable information on local purveyors and farmers and had many wonderful opportunities to meet influential people and create wonderful food for them.

She continues to work for Chef Bill Cardwell at BC’s kitchen while setting goals to build her empire.  Hearing the words from her mother echo in her head “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” Armed with a dream and the support of loved ones, she dreamed of one day working for herself, creating farm to table dishes with a special twist, she started a home-based private chef catering company Luscious Kreations.  In hopes of building a culinary empire she continues to think outside the box and strive for excellence.   Never in a million years would she have imagined becoming a Chef as she says “It was pure kismet” Her style of cooking showcases a natural talent with a touch of elegance that’s brought together by PASSION & LOVE.